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Approve and adopt this constitution of which the preamble is an integral part. Senegals constitution of 2001 with amendments through 2016. He was reelected in 2007 and during his two terms amended senegals constitution over a dozen times to increase executive power and weaken the. Rapport article 19 liberte dexpreesion au senegal 0107. Local government code loi n 9606 du 22 mars 1996 portant code des collectivites locales march 1996 available in french law 9607 on the transfer of powers to the regions, communes, and rural communities loi n 9607 march 1996 available in french 2001 constitution january 2001 available in french. It was approved by 94% of voters, leading to early parliamentary elections taking place in april 2001. Constitution of the rep ublic of senegal adopted on 7 january 2001 preamble the sovereign people of senegal, deeply attached to their fundamental cultural values which constitute the cement of national unity. Code electoral du 15 avril 2014 via 81 pages en format pdf. Loi loi constitutionnelle n 201610 du 05 avril 2016. Constitution of the republic of senegal adopted on 7. Voters were asked whether they approved of a new constitution. Constitution of the republic of senegal of january 22, 2001.

Senegal has previously had three other constitutions. Constitution of senegal document, french womens learning. Senegal is home to several internationally renowned musicians and artists. The international center for notforprofit laws digital legal library holds nearly 4,000 resources from over 200 countries and territories. The constitution guarantees equal rights to the political parties including. Memoire online les revisions constitutionnelles au. Forced marriage is prohibited by the constitution of senegal senegal 2001, art. Constitution 2011 constitution the nasac secretariat postal address. Prevue du 20 au 22 juin 2012, cette conference sinscrit dans les sillages du sommet planete terre rio 1992 et du sommet mond ial sur le developpement durable johannesburg 2002, avec comme objectifs. This report by the law library of congress provides information on legal responses to health emergencies in argentina, australia, brazil, canada, china, egypt, england, france, greece, india, israel, italy, japan, kenya, lebanon, mexico, nigeria, portugal, russia, senegal, south korea, spain, sweden, the european union, and the world health. Senegal was ruled by the socialist party of senegal, first under president leopold sedar senghor, and then president abdou diouf, for 40 years until abdoulaye wade was elected president in 2000. Loi constitutionnelle n 201610 du 05 avril 2016 portant.

Lhistoire constitutionel du senegal constitutionnet. A peace agreement signed in the same year with rebel groups in the casamance region in southern senegal also aimed to end a longrunning separatist conflict, but was unable to prevent low levels of violence in the region throughout wades. Senegals constitution of 2001 with amendments through 2009. Preambule le peuple du senegal souverain, profondement attache a ses valeurs culturelles fondamentales qui.

This is the socio political context in which the constitutional reforms that eventually resulted in a new constitution in january 2001 can be understood. The 2012 amendments refer to footnote 2 available only in french. The proposed constitution would abolish the senate, which had only come into existence in 1999. Ces differentes lois ont introduit des changements majeurs tant. Dissertations gratuites sur droit public au senegal. Constitution of the republic of senegal 2001, as amended to 2012 english. Constitution du senegal, referendum du 7 janvier 2001 pdf 46. The fourth constitution of senegal was adopted in a 2001 referendum. Document of the world bank for official use only report no. Download pdf the 2001 constitution of senegalas amended language. The searchable database contains laws, reports, and other civil society legal resources from countries around the world. This is the socio political context in which the constitutional reforms that eventually resulted in a new constitution in january 2001. This would be conform to the constitution, provided that this abandonment of sovereignty is subject to reciprocity and respects human and peoples rights, as well as the fundamental liberties granted by the disposals of constitutional value 1 constitution of the republic of senegal of january 22, 2001, downloadable here.

Through events such as the world festival of negro arts, first held in. The new constitution of 2001 reaffirms the principle of equity and gender equality and prohibits all forms of discrimination based on gender. Other aspects of senegalese culture have traveled into the larger world as well, most notably senghors espousal of negritudea literary movement that flourished in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s and that emphasized african values and heritage. How a lingua franca spreads circ university of florida. Le controle constitutionnalite des lois au senegal. Constitution of the republic of senegal 2001, as amended. According to the family code, translation each of the future spouses, even if the spouse is a minor, must personally consent to the marriage, and the minimum age to marry is 18 for men and 16. It created a parliamentary system for senegal with a bicephalist executive. The official language of the republic of senegal is french.

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