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The series was broadcast by the cable network hbo in the united states. The wire theme lyrics way down in the hole lyrics originally written by tom waits season 1. This seasons theme is way down in the hole by steve earle. Episodes ended season 5 with a twist, and indiewire spoke to the creators who tied the series finale together so beautifully. Season 5 of the wire is the season that ties everything closed. Heres a compilation of all of the opening titles for the wire. Each version is based on the original down in the hole by tom waits. It was included on his 1987 album franks wild years, which was later made into a stage production the song was used as the theme for hbos the wire.

The theme song of the show is way down in the hole. Season 1, i really disliked the season 5 theme, its too droning. Considering the ratings hole the wire fell into during season five, david simon surely knew that, like fighting the drug war, holding out hope for. Wood harris on doing the wire with idris elba, british actors often being better duration. These songs usually originated from diegetic sources such as stereo systems in cars, bars, and restaurants.

The theme song in the wire is way down in the hole written by the singer songwriter tom waits. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Product description the wire soundtrack features artists such as tyree colion, rod lee, diablo and dj technics. The crime drama the wire is known for being a show ahead of its time. A natural leader, michael is softspoken yet resolute. All 5 versions of way down in the hole from the wire intro credits. I like the theme songs, but the fifth season them just sucks. David simon has a policy of mixing it up in the wire with a different theme for each season. Ranking the theme songs of the wire idle thoughts medium. Mcnulty and the detail look to make a case against stringer bell with a wiretap on a drug ring run by. Michael was born to raylene lee and an unknown father on july 15, 1993.

The wire presents a cyclical view of society and this season is most definitely a dark downturn that is part of that cycle. Gus is the guy we root for, but he doesnt have much of an arc. Season 2 was the most direct with the overall theme of the show. Season 5 is the wires worst what do you guys think.

Season 4 was the last great season of hbos the wire, widely considered the greatest tv show ever. As a child, michael was sexually abused by his stepfather, devar manigault. After the notorious franklin terrace public housing towers are razed, the barksdale drug crew searches for a new home on the streets of west baltimore. The wire is an american crime drama television series created and primarily written by author and former police reporter david simon. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on. Heres how i rank the five versions of down in a hole that accompanied the opening credits for each season of the wire. The actress final scene of season 5 may have been a surprise to some, but the roots of a shift were there for several episodes.

Season 5 theme song for the wire undercover black man. It was included on his 1987 album franks wild years, which was later made into a stage production. With a running time of 93 minutes, this tenth and final episode of the fifth season is the longest episode of the series. The large cast consists mainly of character actors who are little known for their other roles. What are the overarching themes of the wire tv series. The series continued to examine the baltimore police department, the stanfield organization and city hall while introducing a fictionalized version of the baltimore sun newsroom. The fifth and final season of the television series the wire commenced airing in the united states on january 6, 2008, and concluded on march 9, 2008. At season 5, the shows last, apparently performing a straight vocal on top of some syncopated guitar hits was the most innovative strategy for. The name of the wires theme song is way down in the hole. The need to meet these statistics often prevents those with good intentions mcnul. As with everything regarding the wire, season 4 is the best. More or less universally recognized as the the wires crown jewel, season 4 is indeed brilliant, and it does contain the most trenchant.

All 71 songs featured in the wire season 1 soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Took is the seventh episode of the fifth season of the hbo original series, the wire. Wirein fact, it was probably what first got me watching, so im biased like that. All 75 songs featured in the wire season 5 soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. The bigger theme in this season is the medias role in addressing. There are quite a few good ones, but ill focus on one the flaws of large institutions and the need to meet certain statistical standards performance metrics. Each season of the wire focuses on a different facet of the city of baltimore. The news organization simply isnt as interesting as the police department, the drug empires, the courts, or the schools. As mcnulty and the detail continue staking out marlos crew, recently promoted sergeant carver is welcomed by a cauldron of discontent from officers coping with unpaid overtime. The issue i have is that the fifth seasons theme music absolutely does not. Season 1 the blind boys of alabama season 2 tom waits. And even in season 5 you still have a few bright moments, most notably bubbles overcoming his demons, but it still feels so callous as a whole and it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. He becomes close friends with namond brice, randy wagstaff, and duquan dukie weems. The theme song in the wire is way down in the hole written by the singersongwriter tom waits.

Transitions is the fourth episode of the fifth season of the hbo original series, the wire. Visit tunefind for music from your favorite tv shows and movies. The wire premiered on june 2, 2002 and ended on march 9, 2008, comprising 60 episodes over five seasons. The opening theme is way down in the hole, a gospelandbluesinspired song originally written by tom waits for his 1987 album franks wild years. It also contains four unique versions of tom waits way down in the hole, which serves as the opening theme for the wire and has been performed on. All 60 songs featured in the wire season 2 soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. This moves the focus around and avoids getting stuck in a. Season 1 recorded by the blind boys of alabama season 2 recorded by tom waits he actually wrote the song. Season 3 recorded by the neville brothers season 4 arranged by doreen vail and recorded by members of a baltimore. The season 5 theme song is actually performed by the guy who plays walon in the series, steve earle. The episode was written by series creatorexecutive producer david simon teleplaystory and coexecutive producer ed burns story. All 55 songs featured in the wire season 3 soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions.

There are actually 4 versions, one for each season. Who sings the theme song of the wire in each season. There have even been reports of reallife criminals watching the show to learn how to counter police investigation techniques. Way down in the hole is a song written by the singersongwriter tom waits. It was directed by clark johnson, who also directed the pilot episode and. Season one theme music and intro to hbos drama series the wire. Created by david simon and ed burns the series used baltimore as a metaphor for the problems facing urban america. Over the past five seasons weve had the barksdales and stringer bell, omar and butchie, prop joe and the quoram, the greek, the russians, the containers and the unions. The wire goes out with a suitably resonant bang in its final season, craftily maneuvering venturesome motifs and a colorful cast of characters to skillfully understated conclusion. Not a single character from the baltimore sun is particularly compelling. The wire tv series 20022008 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Season 5 steve earles twangish rock version is not near the earsore that the blind boys is wait for it, but it reaches a new low for.

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